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This is the world of Mobiquum; a two dimensional multi-universe free floating in third-dimensional space. However, not all is peaceful. Three dimensional objects are colliding with the planes of Mobiquum, tearing rifts and leaving inter-planar interlopers in the universe Mobicom-1. You are Marcus, a resident of Mobicom-1 who can control fire with his mind. A rift has torn the fabric of your dimension and your girlfriend, Samantha, has fallen victim to inter-planar travel. It is your job to get her back.

Mobiquum is a 32-bit sidescrolling sprite game. It is loosely based on the physics of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda games, as well as Sixth Cell's Drawn to Life. While this game was created in GameMaker, and the in-game physics are not as solid as they should be, it was our first atte,pt in the huge world of gaming. It was created by many od the members of the Attribute Studios staff long before we became a team. It is a very simple game, but it was the first, and is still one of our proudest achievments.


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