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Minecraft Servers

Survival Server

From its humble beginnings with Bridger, GunnyStryker, and shrinerh, all the way to the metropolis that it is today, this server has spanned several worlds, and countless chunks. Today, all of the previous worlds have been combined into one massive landmass, complete with warps for trusted members. It is the server that started it all, and is finally back up and running.

Flying Fox Craft
ModPack Survival Server

This server is running on a custom modpack that includes over one hundred and seventy mods, most of which have been configured and heavily modified to work together for the best gameplay experience possible. With a wide array of mods, including several made by our own CenturionFox and shrinerh, Minecraft becomes a completely different game with limitless possibilities. The official Flying Fox Craft server is the only server that is currently, and will ever run this pack. It is strictly a survival server, and while you are welcome to test things and do what you please in singleplayer, there is no cheating of any kind allowed on the server.