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We're Still Here, We Promise!


Just in case there are a few souls out there who have happened upon our little website, we assure you, it is still alive! With all of us being in school and at new jobs, cooperatively working on big projects under the attribute name is quite difficult. But we still have a lot of big ideas and ludicrously overcomplicated plans for the future of this whatever-you-call-it; a site overhaul, new websites, games, apps, and much, much more. We'll get back to you on it as soon as possible, so please stay tuned!

Website Remodel Complete!


The new is now up and running! After a near complete redesign, everything is now functioning as it should. While there are few visual differences, most of the code behind the site has been rewritten, and cleaned up in order to make the site easier to use and navigate. If you do come across any issue, let us know here.